Top Ten Birthday Party Ideas

Many birthday party ideas are available. Whether the plans are for a child or an adult, many options are present. As a result, knowing the people you are planning for and those who are attending will make a difference in what you plan. These ten birthday party ideas may make the next birthday party you plan the best!

10.   Roller Skating

Roller skating had its best days decades ago, but many rinks are still open for business. Many adults have memories of going to roller rinks on the weekends. Some children are taking up this activity as a hobby as well. Most roller rinks have rooms available for rent, as well, to be able to use for a party.

9.   Golfing


Adults will be more inclined to taking part in a regular golf outing. Many communities offer nine and/or eighteen-hole courses. Planning ahead will save you by setting a tee time for the course. Also, plan for the weather. Getting outside for a round of golf may just be what your birthday person wants!


In addition to regular golfing, putt-putt is a good option for young people. Many adults also enjoy this activity. Compared to regular golfing, it takes much less time, and is not nearly as hard to play. Some putt-putt courses have closed in recent years, so you would want to do your homework on a location if you want to use this idea.

8.   Bowling

Who does not enjoy a good bowling outing? Even for the non-bowling types, spending some time at an alley can be enjoyable. It creates a fun environment. People enjoy time and laugh together as everyone tries to knock as many pins down as they can.

7.   Zip Lining

Zip lining gives participants a scenic way to view the landscape. Many parks, including state parks, have zip lining courses. As a result, most likely there is a course near you. Kids love zip line courses. Of course, it is important to prepare if your child has any fear of heights. However, zip lining gives a chance to conquer those fears and enjoy doing it. Perhaps your next planned party can take place in the trees!

6.   Zoo

Zoos are a good bet for kids and adults alike. So many people enjoy seeing animals and taking part in the activities at a zoo. Most of all, these visits can be educational as well as fun! Most major cities have a zoo to visit. Children especially love visiting the bears, elephants, and reptiles. In addition, many zoos today offer lessons from animal workers and even up close encounters with the animals.

5.   Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers such as Scene 75 and Dave and Buster’s provide food and games in one location. As a result, this is a great idea for kids and adults alike! These centers give patrons video games and arcade games to play. Many of them even have activities like laser tag to participate in! Another venue around the United States that provides similar birthday party ideas is GameWorks. Plan your outing today!

4.   Theme Park

Theme parks provide plenty of entertainment for a birthday party. Games, food, and rides like roller coasters bring many fun moments to the party. In addition, large groups attending may be able to get a package deal on tickets. It would be a good idea to avoid high attendance days like Saturdays and summer break, but this can be worked around. Birthday party ideas involving theme parks are so much fun!

3.   Parks

Birthday parties do not need to be spent indoors! Outdoor parties bring fresh air and good options for activities. Park birthday parties offer plenty of choices in terms of games and party themes. In addition, renting a shelter house or party tent can protect visitors from the weather. Outdoor games, like corn hole, bocce ball, and croquet add to the festivities.

2.   Themed Party

Themed parties provide a focus for a birthday party. Sports teams, movies, TV shows, and animals are all ideas for a themed birthday party. Themed birthday party ideas can be whatever works best for your family. Moreover, it is a good idea to find a theme that has plenty of materials available.

1.   Stay at Home

What is the problem with staying at home for a birthday party? First of all, this gives the planners the comforts of home. Especially with small children, this is a huge incentive. In addition, it cuts down on the noise from those not connected to the party. Parks, bowling alleys, entertainment centers, and the like will have many other people at the venue. A stay-at-home party allows family and friends to control all aspects of the party, including the birthday meal. Most of all, you can make the party exactly what you want it to be! This is one of the best birthday party ideas!


In conclusion, there are plenty of birthday party ideas that give options for the next big day you are planning. Perhaps your family and friends want to go to a park. On the other hand, maybe they want to go roller skating. Whatever it may be, do some homework. The biggest issues people have are when they fail to plan. Therefore, to have the best experience, be sure to be planned out well in advance of the party. Do you have other ideas on birthday party ideas, or have you used one of these activities? Tell us about it in the comments below.