Subway Birthday Freebie

Over the years, more and more restaurant chains and franchises have made decisions to reward their most loyal customers with a little something for free to enjoy on their birthday. One such franchise is Subway, who has formed their own Subway birthday freebie in the Subway Eat Fresh Club. This post is updated for 2018.

Making the Most of the Subway Birthday Coupon Offer
The Eat Fresh Club is the equivalent version of a Subway birthday club in that it provides patrons with a freebie offer that can be enjoyed on their special day. Patrons who decide to accept the Subway birthday coupon offer will be treated to a completely free six inch sub and drink on the day of their birthday. This offer is definitely worth accepting, as it is not often that customers are rewarded with a drink as well as a meal that is absolutely free of charge.

Joining the Subway Eat Fresh Club
Signing up for this particular club is a fast and simple process. All that is required is for patrons to hop on to the Subway site and register. It is important to provide the correct date of birth, as this will ensure that patrons receive their free meal and drink on their birthday. Patrons will then have to select the stores that are closest to them, as this will enable them to receive additional exclusive special offers and coupons from time to time. This will help ensure that all special offers and discount coupons that are received are valid for the branches that are most frequented by the patron.

Registering with Subway will provide patrons with the ability to manage their account profiles on the Subway site as well as on social media portals such as Facebook, making it more convenient than ever to enjoy something for free.

This post has been updated for the 2018 year. Subway continues to make this offer to customers. A Subway birthday freebie with the Eat Fresh club is just a click away!

Click here for Subway’s Eat Fresh club

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