Qdoba Birthday Freebie

Many restaurants and eateries have made it their custom to give out birthday freebies and coupons. Qdoba is no different. A Qdoba birthday freebie can be just what you need for your special day. Qdoba is a quick-serve Mexican restaurant that specializes in burritos and tacos. They also provide plenty of the normal Mexican fixings, including rice, beans, cheese, and guacamole. Who does not like a good burrito or taco?

Qdoba Birthday Freebie Program

The Qdoba birthday freebie program is a buy one, get one free program (BOGO). The BOGO is a free entree with the purchase of an entree. This can make for a great meal. You could get two tacos, or two burritos, or even one of each! Another great part of Qdoba is that they do not charge extra for queso or guacamole added to your entree. This makes the birthday BOGO offer even better!

Qdoba Rewards Program

The birthday BOGO from Qdoba is part of its rewards program. The rewards program is similar to other eateries where you can receive points to turn in for free food. However, Qdoba is a little different in that they have a tiered program where patrons can “level up.” The level that a particular customer is at is based on how many visits to Qdoba they have made. It starts at the “Recruit” level, and then moves to “Apprentice,” “Pro,” and finally, “Champ,” for those who have made 25 or more visits. The rewards progressively get better as a person moves through the tiers.

With this program, you would be able to earn rewards and free food even if it is not your birthday! Different items can be purchased for free depending on your level and the amount of points you have in your account. Find out about joining the program, and getting the Qdoba birthday freebie, by clicking below!

Click here for the Qdoba Rewards program

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