Golden Corral Birthday Freebie

Thousands of restaurant chains are known for offering a wide range of coupons, discount options and freebies to customers on their birthdays. As a result, many people are inquiring about the possibility of receiving some sort of Golden Corral birthday coupon when their special day arrives.

Golden Corral’s Menu

Golden Corral offers an extensive buffet menu that is sure to please the palates of both young and old. They offer a wide selection of main meals as well as dessert options. These include, but are certainly not limited to items such as macaroni and cheese, fudgy brownies, sirloin steaks, Bourbon Street Chicken, pot roast, coleslaw, Timberline chili, a wide selection of steamed vegetables and a Fresh Cold Salad Bar, which offers a range of more than 50 salad options for hungry patrons to choose from.

Does the Golden Corral Birthday Club Still Exist?

Golden Corral used to offer the option of a free meal to the birthday person during the month of his or her birthday. However, at present, there does not seem to be any form of Golden Corral birthday coupon or birthday club special that has been advertised anywhere. However, there may still be the possibility that individual branches will run their own specials when the time comes to celebrate children’s and adult’s birthdays. The best way to find out whether a specific branch is offering any form of freebies or coupons would be to call ahead and make inquiries. This will help prevent any disappointment and inconvenience.

Even though it seems like patrons may no longer receive a Golden Corral coupon on their birthdays, this should not stop them from supporting this fantastic eatery. After all, thousands of patrons throughout the US support this restaurant on a daily basis and are extremely satisfied with the food as well as the level of service on offer.

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