Dairy Queen Birthday Freebie

Every year, thousands of consumers perform online searches in the hopes of receiving something yummy and delicious for free on their birthday. While some restaurants do indeed offer their loyal patrons a completely free meal on their birthday, others present offers which require the purchase of an item before a free item can be received. One such example is a Dairy Queen Birthday coupon special.

What does a Dairy Queen Birthday Coupon Consist of?

It would seem as though Dairy Queen does not have a specific Dairy Queen Birthday Club at this time. However, the company offers their loyal patrons a BOGO offer if they decide to visit any one of the franchise branches on their birthday. At present, the offer entails having a customer print out a coupon which entitles them to receive a free mini, small or medium Blizzard when another Blizzard of the same size and dollar value is purchased. Customers are also able to receive the same BOGO offer at the time of signing up for the initial birthday freebie.

What to Expect from the Dairy Queen Menu

Although many people only associate Dairy Queen with ice cream and other yummy treats, this franchise actually offers a full menu of food and beverages as well. Customers have a wide selection of burgers, basket meals, salads, side orders, ice creams, milkshakes, frozen hot chocolate, fruit smoothies, cakes, sandwiches and chicken meals to choose from. The franchise is also well-known for their famous $5 Buck Lunch Specials and there is certainly no shortage of variety for those who visit Dairy Queen in order to satisfy their appetites.

It is important to remember that there may sometimes be limitations or exclusions that apply when claiming a BOGO or freebie coupon offer. Patrons should always inquire beforehand to ensure that their coupon will be valid at their local Dairy Queen branch.