Cold Stone Birthday Freebie

These days, finding freebies in the form of restaurant meals and treats for those celebrating their birthday has become easier than ever. While some places are willing to offer their loyal patrons something that is completely free of charge with no strings attached, others require the purchase of a main meal or other item in order to receive something else for free. One such place is the Cold Stone Creamery.

Finding a Cold Stone Birthday Coupon

While finding an actual Cold Stone Birthday coupon can be quite a challenge, finding a BOGO offer to help celebrate a patron’s birthday is as easy as signing up and joining the Cold Stone Creamery eClub. This is the equivalent of a Cold Stone birthday club in that it entitles registered patrons to receive a host of unique special offers and BOGO offers when the time comes for them to celebrate their birthday. The good news is that up to seven family members can be added to a single Cold Stone account in order to qualify for the birthday benefits and a few other year-round freebies.

Redeeming a Cold Stone Birthday Offer

Patrons who sign up for this Cold Stone birthday offer will be able to redeem their freebie in the form of a Cold Stone Creation. The only condition that applies to redeeming this offer is that it is a BOGO, which means that another Creation will have to be purchased in order for the customer to claim the freebie item. Customers will be able to redeem this offer up to a week before their birthday or a week after the day, which gives them plenty of time to enjoy this offer.

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than being able to enjoy a free treat or two. There may sometimes be terms and conditions that apply to using an offer like this.