Chipotle Birthday Freebie

Many restaurants give out birthday freebies and coupons to customers. Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is a Chipotle birthday freebie. This may change in the future, but as of right now, there is no birthday or rewards program at Chipotle. There was a recent program called Chiptopia that they had. Read on to find out more about it and the possibility of a future birthday coupon.


Chipotle did offer a short-term rewards program called Chiptopia in the past, but it was only three months long. There is no word that Chipotle will start a new rewards program anytime soon. There are rumors that the Chiptopia program will be used to plan a permanent rewards program, and this may include a Chipotle birthday freebie and/or coupon, but there is nothing definite yet.

Possible Chipotle Birthday Freebie

There are rumors that certain Chipotle restaurants may offer a free entree or free chips on a customer’s birthday. This is not an official birthday freebie from Chipotle, but individual managers and employees may provide patrons with a birthday treat.

Do not expect this, but it would not hurt to ask. You may have a better chance if you are a regular customer at the Chipotle and know the workers by name. However, as mentioned, there is no official Chipotle birthday freebie or coupon that you can receive.

This post will be updated if Chipotle comes out with a new rewards program or birthday giveaway. It might be worth signing up for Chipotle’s alerts on their homepage if you want to keep updated on offers and such.

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