Finding Fantastic Birthday Freebies in New York

Many birthday celebrants always make sure that their birthday celebration would be special and memorable. Besides, it is just a once a year event so birthday celebrants make it a point to prepare and plan ahead for their birthdays. And it is not just for the sake of celebrating but also to express joy and gratitude for another year that they had and to looking forward for more years to come.

So whether you are a kid who just wants to have fun on your birthday, or a teenager looking for adventure, or even an adult who wants to have an unforgettable birthday experience with your family and your friends, you can absolutely make your birthday a really exceptional occasion. One of the best ways to make your special day extra special is to have birthday freebies. That is right. Who says that nothing is free nowadays? You can always have something free on your special day that will surely make your birthday extra special.

There are different kinds of birthday freebies you can avail of. Depending on which restaurant you choose, there are a variety of birthday freebies that they offer. Some birthday freebies that restaurants offer may include some of the following: a free dessert, free entrance to the restaurant, a free gift certificate, and sometimes food discounts when you choose to celebrate your birthday in that particular restaurant. Having a birthday freebie for your birthday celebration is another way to treat yourself. And the good thing is it is also free.

If you are living in New York, or just went here for a vacation, there are a lot of restaurants that you can choose from. Birthday freebies NYC has a wide range of birthday freebies which may include a free entrance, or a free dessert, or free meals, or free gifts, and even a free beauty treat to make you look fabulous and feel just like a Hollywood star during your birthday celebration. Sounds good, right? Well you can redeem these birthday freebies NYC by complying with the requirements of any restaurant or company that offers the freebie. Say for example, by presenting your ID, or by joining the company’s club or organization. They may also require you to visit their website and create an account.

Looking for the birthday freebies NYC depends upon your own choice. Here are some of the birthday freebies NYC that you might just love to have for your birthday. In City Crab, New York, you can get a free entrée when you sign up for their email list up to $40 at value on the month of your birthday! A coupon will be emailed to you and you may also bring your friends and enjoy any of their seafood specialties. If you join the Haru Access program, you will receive a $20 Birthday Certificate when the month of your birthday comes. You may also want to try their fresh sushi and their special cocktails with your friends.

Furthermore, Ben & Jerry’s Rockefeller Center, New York, gives you a free scoop of ice cream plus $3 off an ice cream cake when you join the Chunk Spelunker Club. At Benihana, you could enjoy a special and memorable birthday celebration with your friends and watch their personal chef’s performance of the Art of Teppanyaki.

And who does not want to look fabulous and glamorous on her special day? At Sephora, New York, by earning points every time you shop at any store, you will receive a cake scented body wash or glittery nail polishes! Redeeming birthday freebies NYC is a creative way to celebrate your birthday.