Birthday Freebies in Los Angeles NO Gimmicks

Birthday celebrations are always considered a special event in a person’s life. Whether such celebration be a grand one or just a simple dinner with family members, it is another moment in life that is to be cherished for a long time. There are many ways to make your birthday celebration extra special. You and your friends can think of creative and extraordinary ways to make your birthday unforgettable compared to your previous birthdays. You could invite all your relatives and friends and have an extravagant birthday bash or you could just prepare for a simple dinner with family and some close friends.

You may also plan an out of town vacation to be able to relax and unwind. There are different ways to celebrate your birthday to make it extra special. While some birthday celebrations may cost you a lot, it is important that you think of simpler ways that would still make your birthday memorable.

One of the simplest ways to celebrate your birthday is by treating yourself with a birthday freebie. There are different birthday freebies that are offered by restaurants. Some birthday freebies offer a free entrée, or a free dessert, free meals, free gift certificates, and others offer discounts. If you are from Los Angeles, you can celebrate your birthday by redeeming birthday freebies Los Angeles of your own choice. You can always check out which restaurants offer good birthday freebies Los Angeles by checking online.

If you love coffee, you could avail of and redeem a free Starbucks beverage like a latte frappuccino by visiting their website. Is it not wonderful to start your birthday right by having a delicious and satisfying breakfast? On the day of your birthday, just straight on to Denny’s for a free Grand Slam Breakfast! Just make sure to bring your ID with you. And who does not love burgers? Especially if you can get to choose from 24 different mouthwatering burgers and a bottomless fries! You can get this at Red Robin by just creating a Red Robin Royalty Account.

You can also redeem birthday freebies Los Angeles at RA Sushi. Join the Hook Up and you are sure to have a $20 gift certificate on your half birthday. Worry no more about the admission in Medieval Times when you join their online club and enjoy a four-course meal while experiencing an 11th century atmosphere. At Tony Roma’s, you can get a free entrée when you join the Roma Rib Expert Club. Indulge in their special finger licking ribs, seafood and steaks.

And who would want to miss the ice cream? Get a free ice cream sundae at Farell’s Ice Cream Parlour when you subscribe to the Farell’s Fan Club or you might want another serving of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery when you join My Cold Stone Club! If you are looking for birthday freebies Los Angeles that is rather recreational, you might want to pre-register online to get a free ride to Catalina Island on your birthday! And don’t feel cold when your birthday is on a winter, as you can have a free lift ticket to experience skiing by just bringing your ID to the Guest Services Office on the day of your birthday. These are just some of the birthday freebies Los Angeles that you might want to try out and make your birthday a lot more special than your previous ones.