Benihana Birthday Freebie

When it comes to dining out, many consumers are eager to find out whether they will be able to enjoy a meal anywhere for free on their birthday. Although not all restaurant chains and venues offer this option, Benihana most certainly does. In fact, they offer their patrons a Benihana birthday club treat in the form of a whopping $30 gift certificate that can be used at their branches when their birthday rolls around.

How to Qualify for a Benihana Birthday Coupon
In order to qualify for a Benihana birthday coupon, patrons will need to register online for The Chef’s Table. It is essential that a full name along with a birth date are supplied at the time of registration, as this information will need to match up with what is displayed on the patron’s identity docket or driver’s license. It is also crucial for patrons to ensure that they have some form of identification with them upon arrival at the restaurant on their birthday, as this will be used to verify identity before the $30 gift certificate is provided. If each member of a family would like to register, a different email address will be required for each of them to complete registration.

A Dedicated Kids’ Benihana Birthday Coupon
Benihana’s caters for all family members, and as a result, children are always welcome here as well. In order to qualify for a free souvenir mug and postcard on your child’s birthday, he or she will need to be registered for the Kabuki Kids program. This option is available for children who are 12 years of age and under and is only valid with the purchase of a regular Kabuki Kids meal.

The $30 gift certificate is only valid for use from Mondays through to Thursdays for the month of a patron’s birthday and is not transferable. What a birthday freebie this one is, though!

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