Applebee’s Birthday Freebie

Like with many restaurants and food places, Applebee’s offers a birthday treat to patrons who sign up for their eClub.. Too often, visitors miss out on free food and/or desserts for their birthday because they do not know about the special offers available to them. Read on to find out about Applebee’s birthday freebie.

Applebee’s Birthday Freebie

The birthday freebie offered by Applebee’s appears to vary by location, but many offer either a free appetizer, a free dessert, or even a free entree. It would be a good idea to call ahead to your local Applebee’s to ask them for their offer. This way, there are no surprises with the meal on your big day. Of course, no guarantees can be made, but you will probably not be disappointed with Applebee’s on your birthday.

Applebee’s eClub

To get the birthday offer from Applebee’s, you will need to sign up for the Applebee’s eClub. The eClub is quite easy to sign up for. The basic information you will need is name, email address, zip code, and your birthday. Applebee’s will use this information to send you your birthday special. There is also the potential for them to send you special offers throughout the year.

Link: Applebee’s eClub