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One of the most popular traditions surrounding birthdays in today’s world is that of gift-giving. Everyone enjoys birthday freebies, and there are very few reasons to turn down free birthday stuff. There are a number of restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment facilities who, for no reason other than “it’s their birthday,” are happy to give out free gifts and offers for anyone who chooses to celebrate their birthday at such an establishment.

What Kind of Freebies?

Naturally, the birthday freebies that different places offer are varied. Some restaurants (such as BJ’s Restaurants or Fazoli’s) offer a free dessert on birthdays, while others give gift certificates (such as Don Pablos or Benihana’s Japanese Restaurant). In the retail world, birthday offers might include coupons for a 15%-20% price reduction (The Children’s Place or Columbia Sportswear) or a free gift (Aveda gives free gifts up to $24). Entertainment venues are even more varied in their freebies; some bowling places offer free games (AMF and Brunswick Bowling), the Baltimore Orioles offer a free ticket to a non-prime game, and some movie theatres offer free popcorn (Harkins Movie Theater).

Conditional Freebies

While a lot of stores offer birthday freebies, very few offers are as simple as walking into a venue and demanding free goods. A lot of birthday offers are conditional. Applebee’s, for example, offers free birthday dessert with the order of any entrée. Although it’s still a free dessert, his becomes a slightly less amazing offer to individuals who did not know about needing an entrée, and had not planned on ordering one originally. Boston Market is another example of this, where a free birthday dessert is offered only to individuals who purchase a create-your-plate meal. Not all birthday freebies are conditional, of course, but it is a good idea to look into these offers before claiming them.

Using Coupons

Although some birthday freebies are conditional on other purchases, the majority of offers are conditional on some sort of coupon, which is sent to users who have subscribed to receive e-mails from the venue. Relatively few establishments offer their freebies to people who walk in and ask for them, and will instead request a coupon that subscribers will have received when they signed up or subscribed to the establishment. When looking for free birthday stuff, it is important to find the terms and conditions surrounding the offers. In order to receive a free birthday 10 oz. Prime Rib classing dinner at the Keg Steakhouse and Bar, for example, visitors must have signed up for the offer at least one month beforehand.

Birthday freebies are excellent opportunities offered by a very large number of venues and corporations, from Starbucks to Medieval Times, to the Baltimore Orioles. Provided individuals have read and understood any conditions surrounding their birthday offers, and have ensured location participation, these birthday deals become icing on the birthday cake that can add to anyone’s special day – after all, there are very few reasons to turn down freebies on your birthday.